Sello Pesa
(South Africa)

Sello Pesa

A dancer, choreographer, and teacher, SELLO PESA was born and raised in Soweto, South Africa. His work reflects a mix of interests: contemporary dance, traditional, and vernacular forms. Pesa started dancing in the streets, in clubs, then for television and special videos. He was a member of the Soweto Dance Company, and other groups, touring with them throughout Africa and abroad (Germany, Holland, Australia, etc.). Pesa began teaching at the Soweto Dance Project in 1997 and started choreographing in 1999. In 1998, he was an artist-in-residence at the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina, and was commissioned by London’s Dance Umbrella for its Leeds Vertigo Festival.

In 2000 Sello co-founded Inzalo Dance and Theater Company. That same year, he began working with dancer/choreographer Valerie Berger from La Reunion who founded Tetradanse in 1996. Pesa left Inzalo in 2002 to continue his collaboration with Berger in ‘corporeal research.’ Their work— sometimes choreographed by one for the other, sometimes made together—is ongoing, and is now performed worldwide.



Sello Pesa (choreographer) was inspired to create “Same But Different” by the ordinary routines of everyday life. The show describes 24 hours in a city-dweller's life—the work-eat-sleep routine—and how people are affected by others and their actions. The piece looks at the differences in the same routines.

Sello Pesa reflects: "I am interested first and foremost in African idioms, in expressing all aspects of the experience of living here--stories, changes going on, the youth, the past and the future of our country. I want to explore all of these through the medium of dance. I don't exclude Western dance forms, but Africa is my focus of interest."

Sello Pesa

Sello Pesa
Mandla Bebeza
Jean Renat Anamah

rehearsal director
Valerie Berger

technical director
Guy Camphort

production manager
Nathalie Soler

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